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Bluegrass Design Studio, Inc. is a information technology and digital media marketing company specializing in website development and internet marketing. Our company is dedicated to our customers to provide the most cost effective web design and search engine top ranking performance and marketing on the web. We can provide you with an excellent service based on a combination of our technical skills and our knowledge of your local market.

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Our services: Web design and development, graphic logo design and website branding, search engine website optimization or seo, social media optimization, url link and metadata integration, internet marketing & consulting, seo organic ranking, website video integration, e-commerce web development and business solutions and content management systems for easy website administration. 



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What is Responsive Website Design and Development?

Web Design Responsive to all Platforms!

Have you ever visited a website on a tablet or mobile device like a iphone, and the website did not show up or it was too small to read? With Responsive web design, we use this new technology to adapt your website to fit or respond to different devices like mobile or tablet so your website will view correctly on all devices. 

By developing your business website with a responsive web design, this new technology will target a broad market and increase the amount of traffic to your business, community or personal website.

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Studies show that 85% of people think the quality of a business's website is an important factor in earning their trust as consumers. If your website looks outdated or unprofessional, your business image suffers and you may suffer from client confidence.

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